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Recent Projects

Arnold's Park Zoning Ordinace

Arnold's Park zoning ordinance adopted in 2009.


Arnold's Park Zoning Map

The zoning map for Arnold's Park.




2013-2017 Approved Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Annual CEDS Update

The NWIPDC 2012-2013 Annual CEDS and Progress Report.



Transportation Planning Work Program Final FY 2012.


Long Range Transportation Plan - Final

Final O'Brien County HM Plan-PDF

Sioux County Trails Plan Draft

Region 3-4 WIOA Local Service Plan

A draft of the Region 3-4 Local Workforce Plan is now available for public comment.  Comments are requested for content, language, and overall implementation of the Local Plan.  Comments will be accepted until 4:00 pm April 11, 2016.  Please submit by email any questions or comments regarding the Local Plan to:  Val Bonney