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The Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission is a regional governmental organization whose mission is to provide community and economic development and job training services for a nine county area. The agency's full time, professional staff assists the member counties and municipalities in such areas as community planning and zoning, federal and state grant preparation and administration, economic development planning activities, general governmental technical assistance, Workforce Investment Act/Workforce Development, school to work, and PROMISE JOBS administration. In effect, the NWIPDC staff functions as an extension of member governments' staffs, providing the specialized services and technical assistance that would not be financially feasible for each governmental entity to provide on its own.

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Notice of Funds Avaliabity-FEMA Funding
July 1, 2015 9:09 AM

June 1, 2015

FEMA has announced the Unified Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant program for FY 2015, which includes Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA). The HMA grant program will provide funds to states, territories, Indian tribal governments, and communities for hazard mitigation planning and mitigation projects prior to a disaster event. Funding amounts are based on Congressional appropriation.
Projects submitted for consideration must be consistent with the goals and objectives identified in Iowa’s State Hazard Mitigation Plan and local mitigation plan for the jurisdiction in which the activity is located. The FMA grant provides an excellent opportunity for communities to initiate mitigation projects that provide protection against natural hazards.  Eligible mitigation project activities include (but not limited to):
  • Mitigation Planning consistent with 44 CFR Part 201 (only for flood hazard)
  • Property Acquisition and Structural Demolition and Relocation (for NFIP insured properties)
  • Structural Elevation (for NFIP insured properties)
  • Dry Flood Proofing (for NFIP insured properties)
  • Minor Localized Flood Reduction Projects (should benefit NFIP insured properties)
  • Non-structural Retrofitting of Existing Buildings and Facilities (for NFIP insured properties)
  • Mitigation Reconstruction (for NFIP insured properties)

The HMA FY 2015 Hazard Mitigation Assistance program guidance provides critical information about eligibility, the National Evaluation Process, and other key aspects of each program.  FEMA has changed program guidance. The guidance can be found at:

Applicants with proposed projects located in a FEMA-identified Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) are eligible for funding only if the jurisdiction in which the project is located is participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and not withdrawn or suspended.

Funding & Cost Share

This is a cost share grant program which means that awarded grants will be funded as follows:

  • Federal (FEMA) share of total eligible costs  – 75% maximum
  • Local share of total eligible costs – 25%

FEMA has established the application deadline for States to submit their application by August 28, 2015. In order to meet FEMA's deadline, Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEMD) must receive local sub-applications by July 28, 2015.

Please contact Steve Hallgren 712-262-7225; ext 141, Darren Bumgarner 712-262-7225; ext 143 or Cara Elbert 712-262-7225; ext 152.

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