Serving Northwest Iowa for Over 35 years
WIOA-Youth Program





Our Youth Program helps prepare youth between the ages of 14 and 24 in achieving their career goals.  Eligible youth will have access to needed services and assistance as they prepare for their future. 




Academic learning:

Tutoring/Study Skills


Basic Literacy Skills:

Improve your abilities in reading, writing, math, speaking, listening, problem solving, and reasoning.


Experiential Learning:

Work Experience

Internships and Job Shadowing

Pre-apprenticeship programs

On-the-Job Training

Instruction to provide technical skills needed to perform a specific job.


Institutional Skill Training:

Training in a classroom (typically community college), which provides knowledge or skills necessary for a future career. 


Additional Elements:

Leadership development

Guidance and counseling (a mutual exchange of ideas, opinions, and discussion, including the assessment of skills, interests, values, talents and accomplishments)

Pre-employment training (instruction in how to get and keep a job)

Financial Literacy Education




In-School Youth:

  1. 1.      Individual who is attending school (secondary and post-secondary)
  2. 2.      Not less than 14 or more than age 21, AND

3.         A low income individual:

      a.   Receives Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, General Assistance, Refugee Cash Assistance,  Family Investment Program, or Supplemental Security Income or

      b.   Has, or is a member of a family whose total family income 6 months prior to registration does not exceed the poverty income level, or

  1. c.       Member of a household receiving food stamps or has been determined eligible to receives food stamps, or
  2. d.      A homeless individual, or
  3. e.       A foster child, or
  4. f.       Has a disability and whose own income meets the requirements for the poverty income level even though the family income does not meet the requirements,


3.   An individual who is one or more of the following:

  1. a.      Deficient in basic literacy skills: (English,  reading, writing, or computing skills below 9.0 level)
  2. b.      Migrant Youth
  3. c.       Homeless, runaway, or foster child
  4. d.      An offender
  5. e.       Pregnant or a parent
  6. f.       An individual who requires additional assistance to complete an education program, or to secure and hold employment,


  1. 4.      Registered with Selective Service (if applicable),  AND
  2. 5.      A citizen or national of the U.S., a lawfully permitted resident alien, a lawfully admitted refugee or parolee, or an individual authorized by the Attorney General to work in the U.S.


Out-Of-School Youth:

  1. Individual who is not attending any school.
  2. Between ages of 16-24
    1.  An individual who is one or more of the following:
  3. School Dropout
  4. Not attending school but within age of compulsory school attendance
  5. Receipt of a secondary school diploma or equivalent who is low income and basic skill deficient or an English Language Learner
  6. Subject to juvenile or adult justice system
  7. Homeless, runaway, or foster child
  8. Pregnant or a parent
  9. Individual with a disability
  10. Low Income individual who requires additional assistance to complete an education program, or to secure and hold employment,  AND
  11. Items 4 and 5 above


WIOA Youth Program
217 West Fifth Street

P.O. Box 1493

Spencer, Iowa 51301